Kim Kardashian Tackles Wedding Rumors, Racism – los Angeles Times

If “The Daily Show is MSNBC and “The Colbert Report” is Fox, then “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” which debuted Sunday night on HBO is … Al Jazeera America. Ever since the BBC debuted “That Was the Week That Was” in 1962 (Note to Oliver: You didn’t even consider singing the… ‘Louie’ returns, on its own peculiar terms Here in the Titanium Age of Television, one comedy gets the sort of ecstatic, near-universal acclaim usually reserved for dramas like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men.” Out of whatever lucky confluence of executive foresight or predilection and the artist being the right artist at the right time,… Union Station’s complexity grows 75 years down the line The remarkable vintage photographs of Union Station’s opening in 1939 show the streets and sidewalks around the new building packed with a huge and expectant crowd. Those of the interior reveal a vast, high-ceilinged waiting room, with impeccably dressed passengers sitting not on hard wooden…
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